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2019 Most Improved Player Awards

We present to you the 2019 season’s Most Improved Player award winners. This is given to the player who has shown the most progress during the regular season, as selected by their captain and co-captain.

Congratulations to this extraordinary group of resilient and hard-working players! 

2019 Most Valuable Player Awards

We present to you the Most Valuable Player award winners.  This is given to the player that is considered to be the team’s top player and is recognized for her outstanding performance, as voted by her teammates.

Congratulations to this remarkable group of driven, skilled and talented softballers‼️

2019 Sisterhood Award Winners

We present to you the winners of the 2019 season’s Sisterhood Award. This award is given to the player that demonstrates a positive attitude, encourages her team members and depicts the most team spirit, as voted by her teammates.

Thank you Captains!

A huge shout-out to all the captains and co-captains that have stepped up for SSL Season 4. These women have sacrificed time from their busy schedules to help lead their teams, a diverse group of softballers. They have made a huge effort, some stepping out of their comfort zones, to help grow, mentor and support their teammates throughout the season. They have coordinated attendance, set-up lineups, dealt with roster changes, strategized, lugged equipment to the field, purchased extra equipment, set-up practices outside of Sundays, arrived early and left late to ensure our players’ experience is seamless. The success of this season was dependant on this wonderful group of dedicated women. Thank you to all our wonderful caps and co-caps!

Dream Team (SSL) vs. The Misfits

Dream Team (SSL) vs. The Misfits

SSL was delighted to host a group of solid softballers in our annual interleague exhibition game. The game started off strong with The Misfits getting a mercy inning offensively, wow-ing the spectators with their solid hits to the green and smart base-running. But the Dream Team wouldn’t be counted out. They improved their fielding throughout the game and even shut down the the Misfits defensively in an inning. Offensively, the Dream Team’s bats got hot as well and they tied up the game in the 6th inning. In the bottom of the 7th inning, the Dream Team was down by one, but couldn’t capitalize on the home field advantage. The stellar Misfits took the win by one run! Final score 16-15.

After the game, the ladies mingled over coffee, samosas and Timbits (#socanadianeh), bonding over their love of softball, chutneys and #girlpower. The SSL ladies took the opportunity to ask for batting and fielding tips from their counterparts all in an effort to improve their game and the Misfits happily obliged.

Thanks again to the Misfits for a great way to end off our season!

Thank you to our Dream Teamers for representing!

Abeeda S, Ailya J, Fatima Q, Juwariah M, Nida S, Riley T, Sabeeha S, Samrah S, Sana S Wafa Q and Zena C.

PC - @sameera.tay

SSL Family Picnic sponsored by Zabiha Halal

Our players along with their families and friends got together at the SSL Family Picnic at an open park a few weeks ago. It was a chance to meet and mingle over some delicious lunch, as prepared by the the Zabiha Halal food truck staff. They grilled up mild and spicy hot dogs and offered an array of different condiments and toppings (Jalapeño Crunchy Toppers FTW). With face painting, henna, sidewalk chalk art, a fun park/climbing structure and of course, some softball, it was a great day out for everyone! It was awesome to see the love and encouragement our players receive at home for their Sunday mornings with SSL!

Thank you Zabiha Halal for your sponsorship!



SSL Dream Team!

Presenting to you the SSL Dream Team 

Abeeda, Ailya, Fatima Q., Juwariah, Nida S., Riley, Sabeeha, Samrah, Sana and Wafa will defend SSL’s honour in a friendly match-up against the women of the @mlsplladies‼️

And your 2019 SSL Champions are......

The Blazing Sapphires!

It was a monumental set of games in the semi-finals, where the Blazing Sapphires held their lead by a thread against the Smashing Amethysts to advance to the Finals.  On the other field, the Dynamic Jades came back thundering in the last inning to topple the leading Mighty Topaz.

The Final was a game of the underdogs and the spectators loved it!  The Sapphires took an early lead, but the Dynamic Jades have earned a reputation of never backing down. They clawed back but the Sapphires held it together to take the win, with a final score of 12-9. A well-deserved win with humility for the Sapphires and a beautiful display of grace from the Jades.

A hearty congrats again to the Sapphires for blazing their way up to the top!

PC - @haphotography.ca

Playoffs: Preview Part II

What an incredible quarter-finals! The rain  was cold, but the spirit was warm  as we heard lots of cheers and an amazing display of team spirit. The nerves were there, the hustle was on and the intensity was apparent.

The top-ranked Mighty Topaz took the game against the Radiant Rubies. The Dynamic Jades’ third win as a team couldn’t come at a better time, as they pulled a stunning upset over the Dazzling Diamonds. In the next set of games, the underdogs also came through as the Blazing Sapphires got the W against the Electric Emeralds. Finally, it was truly a close one with the middle-ranked teams. In the end, the Smashing Amethysts won on a walk-off against the Gritty Garnets. 

 The semi-final match-up is set: The Mighty Topaz take on the Dynamic Jades , while the Blazing Sapphires face the Smashing Amethysts.

There will be no rest as the winners of the semis will continue on to their first double-header of the season, playing their most important game - the championship!


Playoffs: Preview Part I

After over ten weeks of exciting softball action composed of close plays, momentum shifts, comebacks, blow-outs, walk-offs, forfeits and close final scores, the playoff match-ups are set based on the regular-season standings.

All eyes turn to the quarter-finals, which promises intense action.

Follow us along our post-season journey as we work towards crowning the 2019 SSL Champions!

Are you cheering for the favourites or the underdogs?!


And The Winning Fundraising team Is...


What started off as a humble target of $5,000 to build two water wells has resulted in a thunder of generosity! You may have heard that we launched a friendly competition to spread the goodness: The SSL team that raised the most would get to present the large cheque of funds  raised thus far to our amazing charity partner, Human Concern International. And if you were at the All-Star Game, you would know that the Gritty Garnets had that tremendous honour, with an astounding team total of just over $2,200! Congratulations to the Garnets❗️

With our All-Star Charity Game all wrapped up, we are pleased to tally up our LaunchGood campaign, online donations, our ticket sales and the proceeds from the event. We are SO pleased to announce that we raised $12,000! Yes, you read that right - we are now able to fund FOUR water wells through Human Concern International. May your open hearts result in an open door to Paradise. The success of this fundraising event would not be possible without your presence, your generosity and our amazing sponsors.


Meet your 2019 SSL All Stars!


Congratulations to these talented softballers for being selected into the SSL All-Star teams, as voted by their teammates! They put on a great show, highlighted by heavy hits, jaw-dropping catches and of course, wicked plays. The score rocked back-and-forth, giving spectators a gripping game.

By no means did the Blackhawks make it easy. But in the end, it was the Red Sox that tied it up and came through with a great hit to let in the winning run in the bottom of the last inning. After the customary handshake and celebratory hugs, the Red Sox were awarded with the winning medal! Congratulations to the Red Sox!!

SSL @ MLSE Launchpad Girls Summer Leadership Camp



SSL was honored to participate in the MLSE LaunchPad Girls Summer Leadership Camp. This camp has an overarching outcome/goal to enhance and/or increase awareness of leadership and self-esteem within the girls attending. SSL representatives met with a group of 60, ages 11-14. These girls learned about SSL's story, and heard personal stories of how sports has been a positive factor in building confidence and leadership skills.

This was followed by a fun breakout session of softball skill sessions, where the girls got to try their hand at pitching, throwing, catching, base running and hitting. The girls then came together for a good old fashioned game of kickball. Our SSL reps were blown away by the awesome facility and program MLSE Launchpad has to offer, not to mention the incredible positive  energy brought to the camp by the amazing staff and girls.

Thank you MLSE LaunchPad! Looking forward to returning next year.




HCI All Star Charity Game

In order to help provide access to clean water to those in need, SSL is hosting an All Star game with the league’s finest players!  Tickets can be purchased here: https://forms.gle/u48xH3SCbi83zuxk7

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to build two water wells. We truly appreciate your generosity on our LaunchGood page to provide vulnerable children and poverty-stricken families with access to clean water.

You can contribute to our campaign by:

  1. Donating online -  www.launchgood.com/sisterhoodsoftball
  2. Sending an EMT* - [email protected] 
  3. Mailing a cheque*  - (made payable to Human Concern International) to 1110 Finch Ave West, North York, ON M3J3J4

* Please indicate "SSL" in the notes section of your EMT/cheque 


When physically exerting ourselves on Sunday mornings playing softball  , we can appreciate the importance and satisfaction of hydration when we guzzle down fresh water 💦. But did you know that 700 million people live without clean water ❌💦 ? Some of the most vulnerable children  and families around the world can contract water-borne diseases, resulting in illness or death.

Here's how we can help❗️You are cordially invited to join us for SSL's first ever 💫All-Star Charity Softball Game💫 benefiting the “Help Us Build Water Wells” campaign! You'll get to see the top players of our league in a game full of fun 😃, skill and of course, competition! All ticket 🎫 sales and proceeds 💵 from the day will go to our amazing charity of choice @hcicanada - working to improve the health and well-being of children around the world by providing access to clean water.

Here is what you need to know:
🗓 Saturday, August 24, 2019
⏰ 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
📍Birchwood Park, Field 1 (Parking space available at 1547 Lakeshore Road West or off of Clarkson Rd N)
💵 $5/spectator aged 3+ (https://forms.gle/u48xH3SCbi83zuxk7)

✳️ Important notes:
-This is a family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 event! We encourage you all to bring your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, children, grandparents and friends for this unique event!
-For your comfort, bring foldable chairs as bleacher seating is limited.

Want to help, but won’t be able to come to the All-Star game? Help us reach our target 🎯 by donating to our campaign online 📱

🔗 - www.launchgood.com/sisterhoodsoftball

Together, we can do this - let’s hit this one out of the ballpark! 🙌🏽

SSL @ Hijabi Ballers Sports Festival

SSL was honored to participate in the Hijabi Ballers' Sports Festival last week. Our reps ran a basic demo for young, aspiring girls, giving them tips on batting, catching and throwing. Congrats to Hijabi Ballers on another successful event!



CBC Radio Interview with SSL Commissioner Hina Mirza

Muslim women's softball league kicks off fourth season

SSL's Hina Mirza joined CBC Radio's Matt Galloway of Metro Morning to discuss the recent growth and interest of the league. Season 4 kicks off this Sunday. 

Listen Here