And your 2019 SSL Champions are......

The Blazing Sapphires!

It was a monumental set of games in the semi-finals, where the Blazing Sapphires held their lead by a thread against the Smashing Amethysts to advance to the Finals.  On the other field, the Dynamic Jades came back thundering in the last inning to topple the leading Mighty Topaz.

The Final was a game of the underdogs and the spectators loved it!  The Sapphires took an early lead, but the Dynamic Jades have earned a reputation of never backing down. They clawed back but the Sapphires held it together to take the win, with a final score of 12-9. A well-deserved win with humility for the Sapphires and a beautiful display of grace from the Jades.

A hearty congrats again to the Sapphires for blazing their way up to the top!

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