COVID-19 Update

Assalamu Alaikum SSL! 

These past week has humbled all of us into appreciating our blessings and showing patience during a challenging time. With the constant changing landscape around us, it’s been difficult for our board to plan for Season 5.

This time of year is usually buzzing with SSL preparation and planning with all our pre-season events and activities. However, in light of the current circumstances with COVID-19, we wanted to provide an update from our end regarding the upcoming season. 

Our board is closely monitoring public health recommendations to adjust our plans for the summer. For the time being we have postponed:

1. New player assessment 

2. Draft day 

Insha’Allah as things clear up and social restrictions are reduced, we will continue to keep all of you updated with new dates related to the coming season. 

In the mean time, we’re praying that all our SSL friends and family are safe during this time. May Allah protect all our homes and grant health to all those inflicted. 

Stay safe everyone. 

SSL Board of Directors